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Your Catalytic Converter How It Works and Why It's the Most Vital Part Of Your Emissions System.

Over the years, automakers have made many refinements to car engines and fuel systems to keep up with new emission requirements. One of these changes came about in 1975 with an interesting device called a catalytic converter. The job of the catalytic converter is to convert harmful pollutants into less harmful emissions before they ever leave the car's­ exhaust system. The catalytic converter is placed between the engine and the exhaust muffler on the underside of the car.

Because your Catalytic Converter in most cases is an unseen part of your vehicle, it is considered "out of sight and out of mind.” Until something goes wrong that is… Due to improvements in design and construction, modern Catalytic Converters are made to last. However, there are many factors that can cause your Catalytic Converter to fail. They are usually more subject to external damage like impact from debris or internal engine damage cause by overheating.

If you suspect you have a failing catalytic converter,  call or bring your vehicle down to Custom Mufflers today. We Install Catalytic Converters! We stock a wide variety of catalytic converters to accommodate most makes and models of vehicles, both import and domestic.